The Tommy Tunnel range of car wash models have been individually designed to help you make the most of your site.

Tommy Tunnels have four different site models to suit your unique needs. Each model has been specifically designed to fit different locations. To cater for a  higher traffic count, the Express tunnel wash is perfect.

If you have, or are considering developing a destination site with a larger investment, go for the Flex or multi-profit Gas/C-Store/Wash model. And for smaller sites the Mini is your go to.

Talk to our experienced staff about which model is best for your site.

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The best models to give the best results

When you choose a Tommy Tunnel wash model, you’re getting the best. These tunnels are friendly to the environment with energy efficient wash equipment, LED lighting, and clear roof design for natural sunlight. They have wide, open wash bays with clear lines of sight for better control and management and easy entrances and exits as well as a welcoming, attention-grabbing design with record-setting capture rates.

The Tommy Tunnel models


A free-standing car wash tunnel with record breaking power and processing ability, the Totally Tommy Express serves as the ultimate car wash platform.


A modern take on efficient car wash detailing, the Flex takes the Express design and adds a secondary conveyorised tunnel for interior detailing services.


A combination gas station, Express car wash, and high-end convenience Store, complete with a coffee or restaurant franchise.


A condensed version of the Express, the Mini is a fully conveyorised tunnel packs a smaller lot with remarkable processing power.

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