Innovative Control Systems are industry-leading providers of technology solutions for the car wash industry, helping you monitor, manage and market your car wash.

We install ICS’s highly intuitive Auto Sentry flex and the Auto Sentry Petro; both have been innovatively designed to streamline your business and help you maximise your earning potential. 

The Auto Sentry flex, designed in the USA by car wash operators for professional car wash operators, has been in production for more than 10 years and is still the leading payment terminal in the car wash industry. It provides the fastest throughput available, enabling higher conveyor speeds and increased revenue. 

The Auto Sentry Petro is a newly-designed car wash payment terminal designed as a cashless solution. It’s particularly useful as a cost-effective means to providing a dedicated lane for customers paying by credit card, or utilising a car wash membership.

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Customised for your brand

Both the Auto Sentry flex and Auto Sentry Petro feature an intuitive user interface that is designed to create a better customer experience while delivering precise and easy-to-follow instructions – from the initial greeting, all the way through the end of the transaction.

They can be customised to complement your brand, and deliver your message to your customers with customised decals, on-screen graphics and videos that provide a friendly greeting, inform customers of your wash packages and upgrade options, and promote special offers such as wash clubs and fleet programs.

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